FIFA 21 Ultimate Team – Voting for TOTY officially open

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As usual, January is the month designated by IT’S AT to introduce one of the most followed events by the Ultimate Team every year: the TOTYall this with an attached vote by users on the official website.

To do this, simply connect to the appropriate link and drag the players who in your opinion deserve more than others the title of best of the year in their role on the virtual field and subsequently forward the request; naturally the holders will be 11 selectable and distributed according to a 4-3-3 module, now classic for the Team of The Year.

As it says EA Sports: “The definitive version of the Team of the Year will be announced later in January when they are made available in FUT 21 TOTY special player items with some of the highest ratings of the season, to celebrate their extraordinary performance, ”which will presumably happen in a split fashion over a long week that will include special packs and exclusive Squad Building Challenges throughout the period.

We look forward to the official release date of the TOTYwe will keep you updated on the developments of the event of the year later.

What do you think? Let us know which squad you think is the most deserving of that title.

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