FIFA 22 is shown in the new gameplay trailer

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The event EA Play Spotlight today revealed some very important details about the FIFA 22 gameplay via a streaming video, EA Sports illustrated the major benefits offered by the HyperMotion system offered on next gen consoles.

The new HyperMotion technology, implemented on FIFA 22 for the first time, records every single action performed by the players through hyper-technological suits that generate a huge amount of data (all in parallel to the classic motion capture).

The innovative system uses a sophisticated Machine Learning algorithm to develop an increasingly realistic gameplay, improving and implementing a large number of animations; the gameplay will therefore be more authentic and impactfulwith more physical contrasts, more advanced interactions and greater general reactivity in both ball possession and waiting phases.

EA’s purpose is to generate a more stable and dynamic game even in the air and players with more realistic animations and behaviors, as said by the developers: “During the match we will see the players on the pitch talking with their teammates, exchanging instructions on formation changes and expressing the fatigue accumulated in the more advanced phases of the match “.

We remember that FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, 2021 on all current gaming platforms.

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