FIFA 22, the PS5 DualSense controller will really make a difference?

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Now very little is missing from the release of FIFA 22 and many are wondering if EA’s hugely popular football series is ready to finally land in the next-gen world.

At least from the premises there is no doubt, the FIFA 22 experience offered by PS5 could be the definitive one, largely thanks to the controller DualSense which will guarantee players unprecedented tactile and auditory sensations, exploiting both haptic feedback and 3D audio.

Haptic feedback

As it already happened in the PS5 version of FIFA 21, thanks to adaptive triggers it will be possible to feel under your fingers sensations such as the fatigue of the players during a sprint and the pressure generated by a contrast, but also completely new sensations such as the jingle of the ball hitting the crossbar or the satisfactory rustle of the sphere that enters the net, calculating in real time the intensity of the feedback to be sent back to the player based on the power of the shot and the voltage of the net. What’s more, the novelties also include new tactile sensations for crosses, slides and ball protection in addition to the “classic” ones already introduced with the PS5 version of FIFA 21.

3D audio

Moreover thanks to the 3D audio the games will be even more immersive, allowing the player to listen to the athletes coordinating with each other in the background and hearing the loudest voices and noises in the case of close shots and more distant in the case of wider shots. Furthermore, it will also be possible to hear the cheering from the stands closest to the player, sensing the origin of the sound exactly from the direction in which a real footballer would hear it during a real match.

HyperMotion technology

Another novelty of FIFA 22, which will also be present on the Xbox Series X | S, is the use of the HyperMotion technology which will ensure greater fluidity and greater realism in the movements of the players. Thanks to this new technology, in fact, it was possible to create and add to the game as well 4,000 new animations. If the old motion capture system provided to “map”, pass us the English, the movements of a small number of players in a limited play area, thanks to HyperMotion technology these barriers have been definitively demolished, allowing you to follow and record the action on the pitch of two entire teams of 11 players each, making the FIFA 22 experience as realistic as ever.

In conclusion we are of the idea that the DualSense of PS5 it is undoubtedly a very powerful weapon placed in the hands of developers, who thanks to it can further expand the immersion offered by a title, enriching it of tactile sensations and multidirectional sounds. However, now that the technology exists the rest is in the hands of the players, so taking back the title we leave you with a question: Will the PS5 DualSense controller really make a difference for you, or do you see these new features only as nice additions that won’t affect gameplay that much?

We also remind you that FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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