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There are so many things that a Fifa player looks forward to during the year, but none can overcome the hype of a fan of the evergreen game mode. Ultimate Team; after the news announced in recent weeks, Electronic Arts this time it promises big changes across the board, starting with technology hypermotion which will allow players on the field to reproduce movements more faithful to reality, as well as extremely easy in gameplay.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will propose a real revolution of competitivestarting from Rivals Divisions: they, fundamental matches for online classification, will be retouched in order to favor a simpler and more enjoyable format even by casual players, as, first of all, a seasonal formula will be adopted that will join the classic weekly format, with a doubling of the usual rewards, and thanks to which, at the beginning of a new season, it will not be necessary to make a series of initial games to be placed in a division, but the level reached at the end of the previous one will be used as a starting point; the operation will result in the weekly system with the number of games blocked and skill score being eliminated in order to make room for one gradual progression by objectives and checkpoints, In order to pass from one division to another, several steps must be completed: each victory constitutes a step towards the top and each defeat makes us do one back, but between one series and another it is possible to reach intermediate checkpoints that allow to secure at least one level of rewards.

This new system, therefore, will also allow you to resume the game even after a period of inactivity of the personal account and which encourages everyone to play in a lighter way and which simplifies life especially for newbies; those who are decidedly more experienced in the FUT universe are the Pro Players, i.e. the best players in the world of Fifa, who will receive a special division called “Elite 1” and which will include substantial weekly prizes and the chance to qualify for the most prestigious tournaments.

Switching to mode FUT Champions, remembered in recent years as the competition par excellence, introduces phases and, above all, limited accesses, given that for each season we will be able to play a maximum of five; the initial qualification will require you to achieve a series of points in the Rivals through the first matches in which to obtain a certain score to access the final phase, these play-off they are made not to press the players, given the lack of a deadline and allows an attempt to access the final phase even without having to work excessively and play in a relaxed way.

There Weekend League real, call now Finals, therefore it will start at the end of the selection and will require only twenty games in total duration (as opposed to the original 30); at the end of all phases of FUT Champions, including Play-offs, for those who complete the complete cycle there will be specific rewards that are appropriate to the level of victories achieved, an aspect that we await to know in the near future.

Among the novelties dedicated this year exclusively to FUT, it is also named Heroes: a mode that celebrates the players who are most appreciated by the community and who deserve to be part of the history of football through different criteria and for these we will find a mode dedicated to them, with a unique competition and which will allow you to use particular skills created for celebrate the exploits of each of the heroes; as regards the coop, finally, with the new iteration it will turn into “public co-op squads”, Of custom teams created ad hoc for this mode and which will be updated to allow you to test different players and multiple card combinations in your team, up to completing some dedicated seasonal objectives here too.

More details will come later, so we invite you to stay updated on upcoming news from the world of FUT.

We remember that FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, 2021 on all current gaming platforms.

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