Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, Square Enix wants to surprise all players

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After the extraordinary demonstration last spring, when the first part of this titanic project amazed on PS4, many are wondering: when will Final Fantasy VII Remake return? And what can we expect from the new chapters of the series?

We have some (partial) answers to these questions from the words of Naoki Hamaguchi and Yoshin in an interview with CEDEC and they talked about their approach to creating Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.

The developers behind the as-yet-unnamed and obviously unnamed Final Fantasy 7 Remake sequel gave an interview at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference in which they recognized the sequel’s narrative structure and suggested that, moving forward, probably there will be more deviations than in the original game. As you already know, FF7 Remake has revisited the story of the original 1997 game, while leaving the creative freedom to introduce and modify some key events that make the project something completely new.

During the interview, Kitase stressed that the developers will do everything to surprise the players and subvert their expectations, which has already been done for the first chapter. Of course, we are not explained further: to know where the new reinvented story of FF7 will go, we will have to wait.

What we can expect, however, is a new game with the same deep level of detail of the Midgar seen in Final Fantasy VII Remakesomething on which the entire community agrees in stating that the game has gone beyond expectations by having to magnify a world that is already vast as a concept.

There is also room for a gameplay gem: the team is working to deepen the battle system by adding new mechanics and elements.

This increased ambition, it seems, stems from the quality and success achieved by Final Fantasy VII Remakewhich convinced many new developers to take an interest in the project and to be involved in the reimagining of one of the most loved video games ever to provide new ideas:

One word that comes to mind is ‘action battle’. They have pioneered a new type of action battle system and want to contribute to the system as well. […] They certainly contribute with different ideas which, hopefully, will allow us to create new surprises for the battle system as well!

At the beginning of January we had reported some new trademarks registered by Square Enix, which seem to suggest the arrival of some spin-offs of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Would you like to see the game’s narrative universe expand?

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