Final Fantasy XVI, the English dub is complete and development proceeds

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If oriental players are anxiously awaiting Tales of Arise, due out next September, in the west fans of the JRPG genre cannot help but wonder what happened to it. Final Fantasy XVIthe new chapter of the famous saga Square Enix.

The developers had assured us of news in the course of 2021, but as of today, July 10, the game seems to be taking a long time to be reviewed.

During the most recent stream Letter from Producer dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV, however, some details have emerged thanks to Naoki Yoshida, the producer. Yoshida claimed that setting and plot of Final Fantasy XVI are officially defined and will not change. The English dubbing moreover, it was recorded almost in its entirety.

The producer, however, hinted that most likely the new Final Fantasy won’t be at the Tokyo Game Showscheduled for next 30 September – 3 October.

The intention of Creative Business Unit IIIthe development team that has in charge of Final Fantasy XVI and who worked on Final Fantasy XIV, is to show the game only once it is really ready to demonstrate its full potential, so as to convince fans to buy it from the very first glance.

Development is progressing well, but it doesn’t seem like it’s time yet for players to taste the fruit of this hard work.

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