From March 18 the Square Enix Presents showcase arrives, there will be the reveal of the new Life is Strange

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Today SQUARE ENIX announced the debut of a new program titled “SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS”, a series of video events throughout the year in which the company will unveil new games, updates and news to the global community of players. The first appointment, which will take place on March 18 at 6:00 pm on the official YouTube channels of Square Enix, will consist of a presentation of approximately 40 minutes that will include the world premiere of the new game from the acclaimed and award-winning series Life is Strange, with a new protagonist with new and exciting powers.

Additionally, new trailers, gameplay videos and announcements will be revealed for the following games:

  • Outriders, the addictive RPG-shooter set in a dark and desperate sci-fi universe, coming April 1st
  • Balan Wonderworld, coming March 26th
  • The celebration of the 25th anniversary of TOMB RAIDER
  • Marvel’s Avengers, Crystal Dynamics’ third-person narrative action-adventure game
  • The future action shooter Just Cause Mobile
  • Announcements for new mobile games from Square Enix Montréal’s award-winning studio
  • A look at some bizarre games from Square Enix subsidiary TAITO

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