G2 Esports win the finals of the first edition of the Rainbow Six EU League

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The third place final and the Grand Final of European Leaguethe highest European competition of Rainbow Six Siege. After having told you, through our reports, everything that happened in the regular season and in the two Six Majorthe time has come to take stock and crown a new European champion.

Six Invitational 2021: the definitive Global Standings

Qualified for these finals, the four best teams of the combined ranking of the two stages just passed, that is BDS Esport, G2 Esports, Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro. The first semi-final saw the French clash against the best exponents of #UKMASSIVE. The Bo3, after a first overwhelming 7-0 inflicted by the BDS, drag on to the decision, won again by the first classified who then snatch the first ticket for the Grand Final. The following evening G2 destroyed the Russians of Virtus.pro with a resounding 2-0. In response, the VPs managed to secure an excellent third place in the final against the Na’Vi by closing the practice in two literally breathtaking maps. Having therefore defined what lies at the base of the podium, it is time to see who takes home the swag and the title of first European champion of the Faceit era. The umpteenth act of the BDS-G2 rivalry is proposed again in a Bo5 that starts immediately at the heart, but the G2s emerge for 8-7 thanks to a millimeter peek of Virtue which will surely be counted among the best plays in the history of competitive Siege. The French do not lose heart and win Oregon, a map not too favorable to the G2 and Costa, leading to only one map from the victory of the series. In the Clubhouse, however, the fates are reversed and the G2 find the same way to decide everything at the last act, the Consulate, the real work of art of the most winning team in history. Right here, after four very vivid maps, with the strength to the limit, the personality, the knowledge, the awareness of these guys emerge, the hunger of wanting to return to lift an important trophy after too long since the last time. 7-2 the final result, annihilated BDS who, after missing the November Major, sit again on the second step, this time, thanks to the revenge carried out by the G2.

Intertwined in the European League finals, the matches valid for the Grand Final of the European Challenger League were also played between Cowana Gaming and MnM Gaming, which saw the first winners and therefore participants by right in the next European League season and the second ones sent. in the Relegations to do battle with the Rogues. The Germans, after a second stage without wins or points, manage to save face and their place among the greats, but are called, next year, to a masterful redemption.

We just have to wait for the Six Invitational to understand who will be crowned world champion, there is not much, stay tuned with us!

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