Games with Gold, announced the games as gifts on Xbox in February 2021

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Microsoft has announced the games Games with Gold as a gift for subscribers to the service on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One And Xbox 360 which will be available in February 2021.

Special month for Xbox Gold subscribers, who will have not four titles offered in the package but five, and among these there is also a great Microsoft exclusive.

The announcement comes a few hours after an indiscretion that is gaining ground, that is that Microsoft is ready to increase the cost of the subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The rumor was later confirmed by Microsoft, which adjusted the prices of the Xbox Gold. Find all the information in the article that we have just reported.

Returning to the new games in February, the titles will replace those currently available from the date they will be made available to users. In fact, we remind you that Games with Gold, unlike PlayStation Plus on PS4 and PS5, are provided in different period bands.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers for February 2021 will be able to get their hands on:

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