[Gamescom 2021] Goals is here, the free to play rival of FIFA and PES!

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The news that you do not expect, but that sooner or later we knew it would arrive: a new content is coming to the throne of football video games, and which will rival FIFA and PES – sorry, eFootball.

Anticipating the reveal of the game, which will take place shortly at Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live in Cologne (we will bring you all the most important updates from the German fair in real time), the developer Andreas Thortensson, former world champion of Counter Strike, has unveiled the new IP Goals to the world, AAA free to play game dedicated to the world of football.

Goalsof which we will perhaps see a first trailer tonight, is shaping up as a game entirely focused on multiplayerand who wants to capitalize on Thorstensson’s experience on the eSports landscape, as well as on the FIFA Ultimate Team.

The former Counter Strike champion, who has decided to “take the field” to propose something new and fresh from FIFA and PES which have now monopolized the gaming market for more than 20 years, said he wanted to correct what are the defects of the various productions of EA and Konami, and wanting to go to reward the tenacity and constancy of the players.

The game system on which Goals will be based is in fact the Play to Earn, literally Play to Earn. The more users play, the more they will gain experience, skills and, probably, even in-game currency to be able to advance with their team.

Among the features mentioned by Thorstensson, there are also a higher quality of infrastructurewith the intention of eliminating the lag and matchmaking problems that often affect FIFA and PES servers.

Thorstensson’s dream however, it is far from complete: Although the project was announced and presented as a next-gen experience, the development team is still looking for numerous professionals to complete Goals.

In short, to see it on our systems, we may have to wait at least a couple of years.

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