Gamestop, a film will tell the story of Wall Street!

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In recent days we have told you about the strange story of Gamestopwhose shares have skyrocketed to surpass the single share value of Facebook, Whatsapp and Apple.

The case caused a real revolution in the world of finance considering that the big investors were “defeated” by a group of small investors who used Reddit to organize the mass acquisition of the shares of the American chain. This is perhaps the reason that prompted MGM to acquire the rights to make a film on the Gamestop case. This is what emerges from a news from Deadlinefamous site dedicated to cinema.

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Following the report, MGM would acquire the license of the book “The Antisocial Network“, In which the writer Ben Mezrich will tell of how the small investors of Reddit managed to beat the entire Wall Street. The absurd thing is that the book has not yet been written, considering that today the situation is still in full development. Nevertheless, MGM still wanted to grab this exclusive, a sign that the issue has created a big stir in America. Obviously we will not fail to update you if we have new information on this.

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