Gearbox Software was acquired by the owners of THQ and Koch Media

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An important step for the creators of Borderlands and Battleborn, who become part of the properties of the Embracer Group.

Gearbox Studiosthe famous software house behind the development of the Borderlands series but also the publisher of titles such as Godfall and Homeworld 3were bought by Embracer Groupthe same Swedish company that owns THQ Nordic and Koch Media.

The acquisition makes Gearbox the company’s seventh video game holding, along with other companies such as DECA and Saber Interactive.

The purchase includes plans to expand Gearbox’s operations, adding new studios and staff to create new games and properties. The goal is also to search for additional brands to explore and purchase.

Randy PitchfordGearbox boss, will remain as head of the company, and released a statement regarding the acquisition also mentioning Embracer’s CEO, Lars Wingefors:

Lars’ vision of Embracer’s as a group of allied partners committed to fueling and accelerating the ambitions of a number of successful and decentralized entrepreneurial companies, while maximizing the collective value and benefits of diversification across the group, is the most successful strategy. brilliant for the short, medium and long term successes in this industry that I have ever encountered in my 30 years in this industry. The feeling at Gearbox is that we are just getting started, and this transaction is not just a stimulus for the talent of our employee-owned company, but an engine for the exciting future we have planned.

The acquisition was completed for a total of approximately $ 1.3 billion.

Passing Gearbox under the Embracer banner will affect properties shared with 2K Gameslike the series Borderlands? Absolutely not, as 2K itself reports in a shared note a Kotaku:

As proud editors of the Borderlands franchise, we are delighted for our Gearbox partners and this exciting new chapter in their organization. The merger doesn’t change 2K’s relationship with Gearbox or our role as editor for Borderlands or any other projects we’re currently working on with the studio. We look forward to continuing our long-term partnership with this incredibly talented team and delivering many more exciting entertainment experiences to gaming enthusiasts around the world.

We therefore do not know if a hypothetical is already in development Borderlands 4but if and when it arrives, it will once again be a game published by 2K Games.

Gearbox Software is currently also working on the Borderlands movieof which a few days ago we discovered a new entry in the cast.

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