Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, revealed the size on PS5

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Directly from the official PlayStation website, we discover a new and interesting detail on Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cutthe reissue for PS5 of the game developed by Sucker Punch.

The Director’s Cut edition of Ghost of Tsushima, like the eponymous re-edition of Death Stranding arriving in September, will re-propose the original experience of the action stealth title of the creators of Infamous with many new features, including the full-bodied expansion set on the island of Iki near Tsushima.

Of course, the game will also boast some graphical and technical improvements thanks to the PS5 hardware, but this will also result in more space occupied.

The PlayStation site has updated the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut page by adding to the available information also the required memory space.

The original edition of the game, released on PS4 in the summer of last year, required 35 GB of free memory space, to which was then added about 12 GB of new data with subsequent patches – among these we remember the dedicated expansion to Ghost of Tsushima Legends, the multiplayer sector of the game.

The PlayStation 5 version, on the other hand, will be more “bulky” on your consoles: to install Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut you will need 60 GB of free spacealmost double compared to the original release – even if, let us remember once again, the weight has been increased over the months with the updates following day one.

Among the features of the new version of the game we find support for DualSense controller technologies, 3D audio, 4K resolution and 60 fps.

The expansion dedicated to the island of Iki, according to some rumors, could last around 15-20 hours of additional gameplay.

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