Ghost of Tsushima fans help Japan and rebuild a historic shrine

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A good story for the gamer communitywhich shows the best side of himself in tragedies.

Fortunately we are not talking, in this case, of tragedies with human victims. The victim, this time, is an ancient sanctuary, in particular the Watatsumi shrine which is located on the island of Tsushima. A familiar name? Yes, this is the same island as the Sucker Punch game, Ghost of Tushimaand the same shrine that players can visit.

In the summer of 2020, just during the moment of greatest interest towards the game – Ghost of Tsushima was launched in July on PS4 – a typhoon hit the real island of Tsushima, and to suffer the greatest consequences was the torii of the Watatsumi sanctuary. The torii, for the uninitiated, is essentially the monumental and characteristic entrance door to the sanctuaries, of which the island is very rich.

Following the typhoon, the Ghost of Tsushima community has decided to create a splendid initiative: one fundraiserfor contribute to the reconstruction of Watatsumi’s torii. The fundraising took place a few weeks ago, in December last year, and reached the remarkable figure of 10 January, the last day for the crowdfunding campaign. 260 thousand dollars which will be donated to the cause.

Obviously we join the applause towards the community, not only for Ghost of Tsushima but for all the video games that in this particular story has managed to demonstrate its maturity.

Unfortunately you can no longer contribute to the fundraiser, which as we said closed yesterday, but we can always invite you to visit the virtual counterpart of the sanctuary in the latest Sucker Punch game.

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