Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island – How to get Bloodborne armor in the story

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Inside the new DLC of Ghost of Tsushimawhich introduces theIki Islandit will be possible to obtain in the story mode different armors, inspired by PlayStation exclusives, one of these is dedicated to Bloodborne.

Another armor is also available, dedicated to Kratos from God of War.

To get the equipment instead of Yharnam, first of all you will need to be in possession of the Kensei armor. The latter can be obtained by completing the mythical tale “The Six Swords of Kojiro”in the Toyotama region.

Then you will need to go to the Bloody Shrine (Blood-stained Shrine) on Iki Island, equip the Kensei’s armor and heal Jin by pressing the up arrow on the joypad. If your health is at its peak, just jump off a small ravine near the temple and it will drop slightly.

At this point, a short interlude will appear, which will allow you to obtain Yharnam’s equipment, which has already been seen in the Legends mode of Ghost of Tsushima.

Below you can find an explanatory video, on how to get Bloodborne armor in the story.

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