Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island – How to get Shadow of the Colossus armor in story

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The arrival of the expansion of Iki Island for the title of Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima, in addition to bringing new content related to the story, has introduced some interesting easter eggs, including the armor dedicated to the exclusive PlayStation. One of these is inspired by Shadow of Colossusbelow we explain how to get it.

To get the equipment of the Colossus you will need to go to Shrine of the Shadow (Shrine in Shadow), equip the Ghost’s armor (obtainable during the story unfolding in Chapter 2), and throw a smoke bomb.

To select the smoke bombs just press R2 + the down arrow of the joypad, highlight the bomb and launch it with the R1 key.

At this point, a short interlude will appear, which will make you obtain the equipment of the Colossus, which has already been seen in the Legends mode of Ghost of Tsushima.

Below you will find an explanatory video, on how to get the Shadow of the Colossus armor in the story.

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