Ghost of Tsushima will become a movie, Sony chooses the director of John Wick for the project

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It is the creative director of Sucker Punch, Nate Fox, to break the news on the official PlayStation blog: Sony gave the green light to the development of the Ghost of Tsushima movie.

The recent PlayStation exclusive, which arrived on PS4 last July, has reached 6.5 million copies sold, and for the occasion Sucker Punch has revealed that the game will arrive on the big screen.

The film adaptation of the story of Jin Sakai and Tsushima Island will be directed by Chad Stahleskiformer director of the series John Wick with Keanu Reeves.

Nate Fox said he was extremely happy with the news and the collaboration with Sony Pictures, which will allow Jin Sakai to become another of the characters of the videogame world to cross the threshold of cinema:

We are delighted to be able to do this with the collaboration of Sony Pictures. And Jin will be in good hands, in the care of director Chad Stahelski, who has already managed to create something special with John Wick. His prophetic vision, backed by years of experience, has resulted in some of the most beautiful action scenes ever made. If there’s anyone who can bring the heart-pounding tension of Jin’s katana fights to life, it’s Chad Stahelski.

The Ghost of Tsushima film joins projects already in the works at PlayStation Productions and Sony Pictures, including the Uncharted with Tom Holland due out in 2022 and HBO’s TV series The Last of Us which will be faithful to the game but with some creative freedoms. A little over a month ago, moreover, Sony has given the green light to the TV series based on Twisted Metalwhich will be written by the screenwriter of Deadpool.

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