God of War, created the perfect replica of Kratos’ ax!

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How many of you playing God of War they dreamed of being able to wield theLeviatian ax of Kratos? Apparently someone seems to have had the same desire, deciding to create one perfect replica of the ax of the Phantom of Sparta. It is about the good Adam Savageformer host of Mythbusters which in a single day reproduced the Leviathan documenting all in one video posted on Youtube.

The final result is truly stunning, very close to what was forged by the blacksmiths Sindri And Brok. Obviously Savage’s replica cannot be recalled as his videogame counterpart but we can only congratulate him on what he managed to create. After all, it is not the first time that Savage has dedicated itself to the reproduction of these accessories. Some time ago the man had already reproduced the armor of Iron Man, also obtaining an excellent result in that case. Unfortunately (for us) the man will give the ax to his nephew for his birthday.

Before concluding, we remind you that Sony Santa Monica is working on God of War Ragnarok and on another mysterious project not yet revealed.

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