God of War, Death Stranding, TLOU 2: Sony becomes the first publisher with 3 consecutive GOTYs

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With the consensus reached by The Last of Us: Part II, Sony takes home a very respectable record: the Japanese company has become the first video game publisher to win three consecutive overall GOTY awards.

The latest production of Naughty Dog, as certified by the site GOTYpickshas in fact brought home 122 awards as the Best Videogame of 2020, which means that it has collected the recognition as “absolute GOTY” (ie game with the most GOTY rewards among the certified publications).

The Last of Us: Part II not only did it surpass the highly acclaimed Hades (34 awards) and Ghost of Tsushima (17 awards), but it also allowed Sony to collect a very important first.

For the Japanese giant and PlayStation Studios in general, it is in fact the third consecutive year as holder of the absolute GOTY, a very important result that comes, in addition to the victory of The Last of Us 2, also for the previous awards obtained by God of War And Death Stranding.

Last year, the Kojima Productions game created in collaboration with Sony obtained 80 GOTY awards, risking being overtaken by Resident Evil 2 which was awarded by 79 newspapers, with a difference of only one point. In third place, also in 2019, we find Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the masterpiece of From Software.

In 2018 another titanic clash took place: God of Warfrom Santa Monica, managed to obtain the absolute GOTY with 198 awards, compared to the “only” 135 awards obtained by Red Dead Redemption II by Rockstar Games.

Before today, it was only 2K Games that touched this record, when in 2006 and 2007 it achieved two consecutive absolute GOTYs thanks to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (co-published with Bethesda) and BioShock, respectively.

What do you think of this result? Do you think Sony has what it takes to repeat itself next year, with heavyweights of the caliber of Horizon: Forbidden West And God of War II: Ragnarok arriving?

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