God of War – Free Enhanced update for PS5 available today

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As promised yesterday, Sony Santa Monica released the free PS5 upgrade for God of Warthe 2018 masterpiece originally released on PlayStation 4.

The patch, free for all owners of God of War on PS4introduces the improved performance of God of War thanks to the features of the new Sony hardware.

Among the novelties, the developers report the possibility of playing with fixed framerate at 60 fpsand with a 4K resolution. Of course, to be able to enjoy this latest improvement you will need to have a UHD display device.

On PS5 it will also be possible to return to the original performance of the PS4 version by selecting the Original Performance Experience option from the game menu, which will restore the framerate to 30 fps.

We remind you that PS5 users with PlayStation Plus subscribers can play God of War thanks to the PS Plus Collection, a rich collection of some of the best first and third parties of the PS4 era. Here you will find the complete list.

Sony Santa Monica is currently working on the sequel to the game, God of War: Ragnarok (the title is not yet final), presented in September with a short teaser and scheduled for release in 2021. Not only that, however, because apparently the studio is also working on another mysterious project not yet announced. What could it be?

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