Goodbye FarmVille, Facebook pulls the plug on the most loved / hated management software ever

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With the farewell to Adobe Flash Playerit also goes away FarmVilleone of the most popular Facebook games ever and loved / hated virtual farmer management for many years.

We already told you about it in September, when Zynga announced that the once popular Facebook game would leave the social network from December 31, 2020, the day Adobe pulled the plug on Flash Player support. The promises were kept: with the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2021, FarmVille has officially passed away.

Already in recent weeks, Zynga had begun the progressive approach to the death of the game, deactivating microtransactions from November 17th. Why yes, if you’re wondering: there were still players willing to buy in-game credits through microtransactions today.

Launched in 2009, FarmVille achieved global success in 2010 when it registered a peak of nearly 84 million users connected simultaneously (and a daily average of 34.5 million players). It is an agricultural simulator that allows players to grow crops, raise animals and build their own farm, and which incredibly managed to build a record-breaking reputation.

Of course, its success didn’t last long. If in 2010, as we said, the active users were a gargantuan number, a couple of years later FarmVille was already relegated to the title of niche, despite continuing to have a community of diehards who evidently had the aim of becoming the best farmers on the planet. .

Repeatedly debated, FarmVille was a resounding commercial success for Zynga, which announced in 2013 that the game, one of the forerunners of the much-hated microtransactions, had picked up over $ 1 billion for in-game purchases. The prestigious Timein 2010, he came to include it in his special ranking of the worst inventions of the year, despite having managed to entertain millions and millions of people:

The most addicting game on Facebook is hardly a game, it’s more like a series of alienating tasks to complete one after another on a digital farm, spending time clicking here and there with the mouse.

A game that (almost) no one will probably miss. Victoria Song, of Gizmondopublished a few days ago an article dedicated to the demise of FarmVille, going so far as to ask how it is possible that people were constantly spending money on a bad game – and what a game, as the Time, it’s not even that much. Here is an excerpt from the article, also reported by The post:

If you’ve ever questioned your existence and wondered how it is that you, a generally rational person, are tempted by the idea of ​​spending time and even money on a bad video game, then you have FarmVille to thank.

At least, FarmVille also had positive merits that deserve to be told. Ian Bogost, professor and video game designer, explained to New York Times that Zynga’s game was one of the forerunners of the concept of sharing and mutual help in the community, where players asked other users for a hand to collect resources and advance their virtual business. A concept that many video games, mobile and otherwise, have taken up in the following years.

Are you a FarmVille orphan? Know that Zynga thinks of you too, as she has recently launched FarmVille 3 on iOS and Android mobile devices. Will it have the same success as its illustrious ancestor? We don’t believe it, but you never know …

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