Google prepares the relaunch of Stadia to new devices

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Despite a marked change in corporate policies, it seems that Google Stadia does not want to put an end to its existence.

In February, just over a year after the announcement of the platform, Google radically changed its approach to Stadia: closed the proprietary development teams, goodbye to a good dose of employees and total reorganization of ambitions, after the first 12 months of Stadia have generally fallen short of all expectations.

However, the platform still continues to resist today, and judging by the news coming directly from the Mountain View giant, the closure of Stadia is not planned.

9to5Google has in fact identified a new one job list for a Stadia Product Manager and this seems to shed some light on the platform’s future plans. The job description mentions that the company hopes to “Reach the ecosystem of multiple devices” who support Stadia and also notes that the successful candidate will guide its approach to TV “Making cloud gaming available on multiple devices”.

Recently Stadia has expanded the its reach by implementing Chromecast with Google TV and many other devices running Android TV. Since TV is specifically mentioned in the job list, it looks like Google may be planning to officially support more of these devices.

The most important question, however, is always the same that we have been asking ourselves for many months now: will this be enough for Stadia to find the success hoped for by Google and never achieved so far?

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