Grand Theft Auto – An artist imagines the protagonists of the series for the next gen

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GTA 6 will it arrive in a few years? GTA 5 will it continue its run indefinitely – even if the numbers are decreasing, as the latest statistics show? GTA 4 will return with a remastered – a rumor that has long since disappeared from radar? Waiting for answers to these questions, an artist shapes the dreams of many players.

While we wait to see Rockstar Games’ surprises up close for the (second) remastered of GTA V on next-genan operation necessary for the speakers of the studio given the still long development of GTA 6, an artist has decided to dream big and hypothesize what would be the appearance of the historical protagonists of the franchise in the hypothetical remakes for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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Hossein Diba, an artist by profession, imagined what some of the most well-known protagonists of the Rockstar Games franchise might look like if they were revived today in a remake that harnesses the full potential of the new hardware.

The result is what you find in the following gallery, where the artist has re-proposed, in a next-gen key, some unforgettable protagonists of the series: Claude (from Grand Theft Auto III), Tommy Vercetti (from GTA Vice City), Carl “CJ” Johnson (from GTA San Andreas) and Niko Bellic (GTA IV).

Not only that, because the artist has also decided to reproduce the blonde girl from the loading screens of GTA San Andreas, in a decidedly captivating pose.

The three-dimensional concepts are below, and as you can see they are downright stunning. What is your favorite among the “remakes” proposed? And above all, would you like to see someone between Claude, Tommy, CJ and Niko again in the future Grand Theft Auto VI?

Just a few days ago we brought you a nice similar initiative, the fan-made trailer of a hypothetical remake of GTA: San Andreas for next-gen consoles. Have you already seen it?

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