GTA 3 on Switch? A modder did it and with good results

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Naturally we are not talking about a latest generation video game that is astounding from a technical point of view, however it is always a certain effect to see the historic GTA 3 in action, again.

GTA 3 has not been officially released on Nintendo Switch, but fans of the classic game, and expert modders, have managed to transfer the GTA 3 re3 version from PC to the hybrid console of the Grande N.

Using that version as a base, the modder Graber managed to make the game usable on the Switch hardware, proposing a conversion with good results but not perfect. The game runs in 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 30fps, but it is possible to increase the framerate. This, however, can introduce glitches, which is what usually happens when running old games at framerates they weren’t designed for (the PS2 version averaged 25 frames per second).

The original audio format used in GTA 3 has also been compressed, which limits performance on the Switch as its CPU tries to decode music and dialogue. However, the modder has found a solution to the problem, in this case: batch convert the entire game library into an uncompressed format, so as not to waste the Switch’s limited resources.

As the creator of the mod himself warns at the beginning of the video, it is simply a demo version of GTA 3 on Switch, which is not for sale on the console and cannot be replicated. Also, using custom, unofficial firmware may damage your console.

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