GTA 6 and beyond, Take-Two suggests sequels to LA Noire and Max Payne

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The news last week, which went around the world, is that Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that he is working on GTA 6.

Awaited for years and years, and the subject of various rumors, the next chapter of the popular series Grand Theft Auto it is therefore in development, even if that does not mean that we will see it shortly. After all, it will arrive in a few weeks GTA 5 Enhanced & Expanded on PS5 and Xbox Series X, which must make us understand that the game originally released in 2013 still has a lot to say.

GTA 6 may not be the only title currently in development at Rockstar Games, however, as the publisher has surprisingly suggested Take-Two Interactive.

In the last call to investors on profits, in which we once again spoke of the excessive power of GTA V more than 8 years after its release, Take-Two has in fact hinted at the concrete possibility of bringing some important IPs with sequels to our screens required for many years.

Strauss ZelnickCEO of the company, had already spoken in the past, on the occasion of the acquisition of Zynga, of the possibility of resuming the Midnight Club franchise, but apparently T2 has more ambitious plans and intends to return to take full advantage of Rockstar Games’ IP portfolio which in the last decade has dealt with only two series – Red Dead and precisely GTA.

Speaking to investors, Zelnick made an explicit reference to the desire to create sequels to some important existing brands, showing slides of LA Noire And Max Payne 3:

We have the strongest and most diverse pipeline in our company’s history, comprised of new intellectual properties, as well as sequels to many of our beloved franchises. We look forward to offering many of these titles in the coming months and beyond.

Zelnick’s words are not worth an announcement, however they are certainly not thoughts or desires. The same CEO, a few months ago, had hinted at the return of some appreciated titles of the company in remastered form, anticipating the official announcement of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition by a few weeks.

It is also curious that a few days ago the usual well-known insider Tom Henderson suggested that Rockstar Games was also working on the return of Bullywhich would fit perfectly with the strategy Zelnick discussed.

After so many years, in short, the fans of LA Noire and Max Payne 3 could be satisfied. Would you like to see the sequel of these past titles?

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