GTA 6, new rumors about the alleged setting and the release

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The highly anticipated blockbuster of Rockstar Games continues to be talked about through the words of the insiders, who today are releasing new potential information on the web about the game’s setting and its launch window.

Without delaying too much, we come immediately to today’s rumors, always reminding you that this is information not officially confirmed: GTA 6 could be launched inOctober 2023 and it could be set in Miami, but not in the present.

The anonymous leaker in question, come on Redditstated that the sequel to the famous Rockstar Games open-world that we have been waiting for for many years will focus on a single male protagonist in 1970s Florida, with a story in chapters that is similar in structure to that of Red Dead Redemption 2. But apparently it will be a much less emotional story than Arthur Morgan’s.

The game map, which should include Miami as the main location – already in the past the insiders suggested the setting of Vice City in GTA 6, inspired by the city of Miami – it will include many activities, but it will be smaller in proportions than that of RDR 2. According to the leaker, the developers have worked to make the city and the map much denser, at the expense of size. The story, in any case, will not have a limited duration: we are talking about 60 hours to complete it.

Information also for the new GTA Onlinewhich will certainly also be re-proposed with Grand Theft Auto VI but which, according to the leaker, will follow the “tradition”, that is it will only be released after the main game is released – the same thing happened with GTA Online on GTA 5 and RDR 2’s Red Dead Online.

The list of information is very long and apparently very detailed, and among the various clues suggested by the insider there is also talk of some iconic reference figures of the original GTA: Vice City such as Ken Rosenberg and Tommy Vercetti. The protagonist of the 2002 game, however, would not be physically present in the game, but only a sort of mythological figure who is mentioned on various occasions.

The announcement could take place in the spring of next year, with a view to a launch in 2023. In this time frame, Rockstar could relaunch the first restored version of Red Dead Redemption, as the insider again suggests.

Will it all be true? Will it all be false? Obviously we can’t know for now, but we won’t help but update you on news regarding GTA 6.

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