GTA Trilogy Remastered postponed to 2022? A leaker talks about it

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For some weeks now, rumors have been unleashed on the alleged arrival of GTA Trilogy Remastered, with fans eager to return to Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas. A well-known leaker, however, cools the hot spirits, stating that we will have to wait longer than expected to get our hands on it.

After Rockstar Games said earlier this month that it has some unannounced remastered plans, rumors have been rampant. Immediately the most well-known forums of the GTA series have brought the discussions on the alleged returns of three of the most popular chapters of the series – GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas – of which remastered, or remake, has often been talked about.

It was then an exclusive report by Kotakujust over a week ago, to send longtime fans of the series into a tailspin: the GTA Trilogy Remastered exists and is really in development, its production is almost completed and the developers have taken care to update the game engine using the Unreal Engine of Epic Games. Here you will find more details.

In the last few hours, however, a cold shower has arrived, which fans did not expect: the release of the package would no longer be scheduled for 2021.

Tom Henderson, leaker who, as usual, always takes us – note the latest news on Call of Duty: Vanguard, with the insider who has perfectly anticipated the reveal and release dates of the game, along with many other details -, once again spoke of the GTA Trilogy Remasteredhowever, stating that according to his sources we will have to wait longer than expected to get our hands on the package.

The leaker claims that although much of the leaked information is correct, it is unlikely that the GTA Trilogy Remastered could be launched in November 2021, and that it is more likely. a postponement of the project to 2022.

This is probably not the news that fans of the series were expecting, however the November window is already largely covered for Rockstar, and the postponement to 2022 could make sense. On November 11, in fact, the software house will release GTA V and GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, with the aim of once again pushing its biggest commercial success.

The wait for the return of the Trilogy could therefore be prolonged, but, if nothing else, another confirmation of its existence has arrived.

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