Halo Infinite will have no co-op and Forge campaign at launch

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343 Industries confirmed some news regarding the launch of Halo Infinitethat is to say that the latest adventure of the Master Chief will not feature the co-op or Forge campaign at launch. The good news is that this won’t lead to a delay in the game’s release, as the team added that the launch window hasn’t changed.

In the latest 343 Industries video update, creative director Joseph Staten provided the recent news on the launch status of Halo Infinite. While the exclusion of these two features at launch is disappointing, he was quick to say the team is working hard to hit the peak around the holiday season.

“Unfortunately, because we focused the team on the closure and really focused on a quality experience for the launch, we made the really difficult decision to delay the launch of the cooperative shipping campaign.”Staten said reflecting on the past two years, especially with the impact of COVID-19 on work culture. She then added: “And we also decided to delay the Forge’s expedition after launch.”

“On the cooperative side, we have the opportunity to play the campaign all the time, it’s this wonderful, open and non-linear take on the Halo campaign.”Staten continued. “It will offer a lot more flexibility to take down Bandit bases from all different angles, to progress the game your way. At the same time, however, it is complicated. When you think about the rescue systems and all the technology it needs to drive this more non-linear experience, and in the cooperative experience it’s even more complicated. “

In the video, Staten confirmed that while the Forge and the co-op campaign are overdue, 343 is adapting a seasonal system for both, with content that can be unlocked by users even outside the relevant Season. Furthermore, the mltiplayer sector will be free to play for all players, while the campaign will be sold for a fee.

Halo Infinite will be released during the holiday season on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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