Here’s the size comparison of the PS5, Xbox Series X, Series S, and Switch

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We already know that Playstation 5the new Sony home console of which a long string of details have been announced in the last few days including release date and price, it is the largest console in modern history. And we’re not talking about commercial results, of course, as the system hasn’t reached us yet.

We refer instead to his real physical dimensionsreally important and highlighted by a new illustration that clarified how big the machine actually is.

On Twitter, the illustrator and 3D modeler keisawada published a series of images that put the dimensions of the new generation consoles into perspective: next to PS5, in fact, we find Nintendo Switch (not exactly a next-gen console, but it will be the reference hardware for Nintendo for many years to come), Xbox Series X and also Xbox Series S, compared to each other and side by side to a 30” TV.

Sony’s next-generation PlayStation clearly towers over other consoles, as you can see below. The images refer, we specify, to the standard version of PS5, but we remind you that a further version of the console called PS5 Digital Edition will also be available.

Do you know the differences between PS5 Standard and PS5 Digital Edition?

An explanation for the impressive size of the system has already been given – all this is mostly due to cooling. Matt MacLaurin, vice president of UX Design on PlayStation, explained in a post on LinkedIn that PS5, to avoid overheating problems, it needed more space to properly vent the heat.

Whether this idea proves successful, we will only know over time. For the moment, the design of PS5 has generated a lot of discussions on the net, as well as obviously those of Xbox Series X and Series S which still maintain fairly traditional shapes for consoles.

In this regard, do you know what are the differences between Series X and Series S, the two new next-gen consoles from Microsoft?

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