Hideo Kojima will announce his next game very soon, will it be Death Stranding 2?

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Apparently, it is not long before the announcement of the new video game of Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productionsand of course the speculations have started.

Yoji Shinkawa, art director of the software house founded by the creator of Metal Gear Solid, said in a recent video interview with Al Hub that not only Kojima Productions is focused on his next project, but also that his announcement is not far off:

Well yeah, I’m doing something, for sure, and I could tell you we’ll probably announce it pretty soon.

The news of a new game certainly comes as no surprise. Late last year, Kojima Productions confirmed they were hiring new staff for the studio’s next game after Death Stranding. At the time there was talk of as many as 25 open positions for the Tokyo-based studio.

Shinkawa doesn’t offer details on the nature of the project, but Hideo Kojima has enjoyed teasing fans on several occasions.

Shortly after the release of Death Stranding, at the end of 2019, the developer had hinted that he was committed to a project with horror tinges, a type of game that has always intrigued him and with which he would have liked to work – remember the infamous Silent Hills, shipwrecked after divorce with Konami.

The most probable hypothesis at the moment is perhaps that of Death Stranding 2considering that the game has had a good response on PS4 and PC (Sony has set a particular record thanks to it) and that Norman Reedus, who played the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, claimed to be in talks with Kojima Productions to have a dealing with a new studio project.

Would you like to see Death Stranding 2? Who knows if even in the eventual sequel it will be possible to write your name with pee …

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