Hitman 3, IO Interactive has already recovered the development costs!

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Released a week ago, Hitman 3 is the third chapter of the trilogy-reboot dedicated toAgent 47 developed by the boys of IO Interactive. While maintaining part of the mechanics of the two previous chapters, Hitman 3 is certainly the best title of the series, thanks above all to the sumptuous level design that has allowed to create sandbox maps large and full of details and things to do.

Apparently the players seem to have rewarded this choice considering that in just a week IO Interactive has already recovered the development costs. In other words, the Danish software house is already generating profits. The same CEO Hakan Abrak commented on the news to colleagues from gamesindustry.biz.

“There was a great complicity between our users and our company. As developers, we are thrilled to announce that Hitman 3 is already making a profit. We hit development costs in less than a week. This allows us to think about the future and to dedicate ourselves to new and ambitious projects.”These are the words of Abrak who, probably, is already thinking about Project 007the new game inspired by the films of James Bond.

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