Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to create transgender characters

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To get your hands on Hogwarts Legacy we will have to wait until next year, but new details arrive on the new RPG set in the fantasy universe of Harry Potter.

As you may know, the open world game will allow us to impersonate a student of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the end of the 19th century, a character that we ourselves can create and grow in the corridors of the castle that one day will also walk the great Harry Potter. Regarding the creation of the character, it seems that the latest media events involving JK Rowling have influenced the editor who will be present in the game, for a decision that, we are sure, will lead to a lot of discussion.

Bloomberg in fact reports that Hogwarts Legacy will begin by allowing players to create a character and assign a male or female voice, regardless of what their body looks like. In short, it will be about the possibility of creating a transgender character for Hogwarts school, who will later become a witch or a wizard. Depending on the initial choices, a particular dormitory will then be assigned to the character, and the way of speaking of the other NPCs towards the protagonist will also be determined.

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Hogwarts Legacy obviously isn’t the first video game to allow for greater representation and inclusiveness with its character editor, but a good deal of this decision was likely made following the case involving JK Rowling. The author of the saga of Harry Potter has been at the center of numerous controversies after having expressed her position on social networks, siding against the transgender community.

Bloomberg reported that some Hogwarts Legacy developers have pushed to include these character creation options, to make the game as inclusive as possible.

At the moment, the report continues, the possibility of impersonating a transgender character has been incorporated into the game after a tough fight, but it cannot be ruled out that things will change again in the future. Apparently, some executives initially disagreed on the feature, and only decided to change their mind after pressure from the developers.

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