Horizon: Forbidden West – Guerrilla reveals some new gameplay details

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Horizon: Forbidden West, the sequel to Zero Dawn, is expected in 2021, but the details are still missing. Should we worry? Not yet, and indeed Guerrilla Games returns to talk about the highly anticipated game several months after the official announcement.

The sequel to the beloved PlayStation 4 exclusive was announced last year together with PlayStation 5, in the famous reveal of June 2020, but since that moment we have not seen or heard of the game from the Guerrilla Games team. Surprisingly, however, some details on the game come directly from the developers, which give us a better idea of ​​what we can expect over the course of the year.

Guerrilla Games spoke, rather vaguely but with interesting food for thought, of what will be the news of the Horizon 2 gameplaywhich will remember the dynamics we already know but which will also expand with new aspects that we have never seen before.

In an interview with GamesRadarthe developers spoke for example of the fact that each fight will require more strategy, thanks also to the greater variety of monsters that we will face on the dangerous West Coast of America:

Part of what made machine combat in Horizon Zero Dawn so satisfying was the puzzle-solving element in each encounter. What is the attack pattern of this machine? What are its weaknesses? Which strategies are most successful? The harsh reality is that there was a risk of running into machines you didn’t know how to deal with. Our introductory trailer showed gamers that they can expect things they’ve never seen before, but we’d like to let it go for now and preserve most of that gamer satisfaction for them to discover for themselves.

The creators of Killzone, a franchise that apparently has now been closed in the drawer of memories by Sony, have also stated that the possible narrative paths of this universe are many, with Guerrilla looking forward to exploiting at full capacity what it is. promises to become a great PlayStation franchise. The developers intend to expand and deepen each component of the original Zero Dawn, from graphics to gameplay, passing precisely through the narration.

Horizon: Forbidden West is expected in 2021 on PS4 and PS5.

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