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Horizon: Forbidden Westthe sequel to 2017’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, was the absolute star of the State of Play Sony on Thursday, May 27, and just as we expected, important news for the game has arrived.

Mathijs De Jonge, game director of Guerrilla Games, first of all showed players a long gameplay, the first, of the PlayStation 5 version Horizon IIa title in which the young protagonist Aloy will be called to a new adventure in the west of what was once the United States of America.

After a first sequence dedicated to the story, Aloy immediately went into action in the unprecedented setting, also showing us the first examples of the new machines that we will have to fight. Among the novelties shown, in addition to the revised interface, a particular grapple was also unveiled that the protagonist can use to explore and fight.

Of great impact, certainly, was the submarine sequence, another great novelty of Horizon: Forbidden West. Observing the care that Guerrilla has placed in the creation of these environments, it seems clear that underwater exploration will also play a very important role.

In the colossal, it is appropriate to say, a battle that concludes the gameplay of the State of Play, Aloy then showcases other unpublished mechanics that find space in the highly anticipated sequel. In addition to the possibility of using a sort of parachute to avoid falling from above, especially after using the aforementioned grappling hook, Override returns to “corrupt” a machine and use it to our advantage; in addition, a brand new weapon was also shown that fires a sort of glue material, capable of blocking or otherwise limiting the movements of enemy machines for a few seconds.

Nothing to do instead for another big and highly anticipated announcement, namely the release date of the game. For that, we’ll probably have to wait a few more weeks.

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