Horror reigns supreme in the new Quantum Error trailer, which will also arrive on Xbox

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During the live streaming of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, Teamkill Media presented the new gameplay of its “cosmic horror” game Quantum Error.

Horror tints dominate the new gameplay shown at the event. In fact, in the movie we can see dark places inhabited by terrifying creatures. In addition to traditional firearms, the protagonist will also be able to use melee weapons, but also much more elaborate tools.

With the trailer comes the announcement of the Xbox Series X version of Quantum Error. The game was in fact initially announced for PS4 and PS5, with the developers saying however that they were open to the idea of ​​publishing what is defined as the spiritual successor of Dead Space on the Xbox. So it will be, even if for the moment Teamkill Media has only talked about the Xbox Series X version without naming Series S or Xbox One.

Last summer, on the sidelines of the announcement, the developers had talked about how they tried to conceive this horror in terms of gameplay and grip on the player. Find some details about Quantum Error here.

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