Hot Wheels Unleashed shows up in gameplay reveal!

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The time has come for too Hot Wheels Unleashed to show themselves in the first gameplay! The new Milestone racing game was the protagonist yesterday of the showcase of the developers, along with many details about the game that you can read in the following release.

Milestone released a stunning gameplay video of Hot Wheels Unleashed, the fast-paced arcade racing game coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 30, 2021. Additionally, Hot Wheels Unleashed will be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Drifting, powering up and jumping are just the beginning of what makes Hot Wheels Unleashed an iconic thrill ride from the starting line to the finish. Yesterday in the live streaming presentation of Hot Wheels Unleashed, the Milestone Executive Producer, Michele Caletti, and the Lead Game Designer, Federico Cardini, guided fans in a full immersion to learn more about the unique features and contents of the game .

The jaw-dropping gameplay video also raised the curtain on the first six of the more than 60 vehicles available at D1. The first six revealed are: Rodger Dodger, Twin Mill, Rip Rod, Night Shifter, Dragon Blaster, Sharkruiser.

Presenting two minutes of pure racing fun set in the incredible Garage, future riders can get a first look at the unpredictable challenges that await them and peek at the many surprises they will have to face, such as the special pieces of the track.

Hot Wheels Unleashed gives players the opportunity to drive cars as if they were playing with toys. The gameplay includes adrenaline-pumping racing, a large selection of Hot Wheels vehicles with different attributes and rarity levels that players can customize with different skins and jaw-dropping tracks set in places of everyday life with special track pieces and interactive items. The game also features a revolutionary Track Editor that allows players to customize tracks in any game environment and share them with the community.

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