Hot Wheels Unleashed, the new video shows the Skatepark

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Mattel and Milestone today released a new game trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed which reveals its fourth incredible setting, the Skatepark.

The Skatepark is the stage with the largest space available to unleash creativity and build tracks, due to the absence of furniture and walls. Players can use ramps, railings and beams to create their own crazy paths.

This unique setting features breathtaking Halfpipe descents, dark tunnels inside the vents and a huge basketball court.

3 other environments have already been revealed: the dark and rusty Garage, with its underground mood, the Skyscraper, a construction site that will test the fear of players’ heights and the College Campus, where players will be able to build tracks in a typical american college.

The new gameplay video also unveiled seven new vehicles of the over 60 available on Day 1. That is: Bad to the Blade, Hot Wheels High, Veloci-Racer, Solid Muscle, Tur-Bone Charged, Roller Toaster, Time Attaxi.

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