Humankind – The impressive number of civilizations and the infinite combinations in the new video

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We’ve talked a lot about what you can expect from HUMANKIND, when it launches next week on August 17th. We have listed the 60 different historical cultures that you can combine to create a civilization as unique as you are. We did some super fast calculations and figured those 60 cultures could produce over 1,000,000 different final combinations… we’re actually still working on the final number. But we also impressed you with the almost endless Avatar customization options.

So, you know, the title is big, but we wanted to give you some numbers to show you exactly HOW BIG IT REALLY is.

In HUMANKIND there are 129 different units traversing 10 wonderfully detailed biomes. Those biomes will be home to 45 different species of animals roaming the wilderness that you will need to populate. The achievements and important moments in the story you achieve in this way will be highlighted by one of 700 unique illustrations.

As you grow your civilization and progress through the 93 technologies on offer, you will hear a 13 and a half hour soundscape, with over 1,300 audio files. This ambient noise will be punctuated by the majestic music of Arnaud Roy, with a 520-minute soundtrack, performed by 63 individual musicians and 20 choristers.

Your custom avatar, which will evolve with your civilization, will be able to choose from over 122 bespoke costumes. The choices you make in the 150 narrative events will further diversify you and your civilization from the competition, especially in multiplayer up to 10 people!

The game will be available on PC, Stadia and Microsoft Xbox Game Pass from August 17th. We can’t wait for you to share your experience with us.

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