Humankind – The power of diplomacy at the center of the new developer video

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Recently postponed to August, the strategic Humankind is shown today in a new particular video made by the developers to talk about an important feature of the game: the power of diplomacy.

Battles and warfare will be important in HUMANKIND, our next turn-based historical strategy game, but they won’t take place in isolation. After all, open conflict is only a small part of human history. Rivalries and grudges may have played important roles over time, but so are trade, kinship and alliances.

The latest episode of our Feature Focus series dives into the methods of conflict and cooperation in HUMANKIND – prepare yourself for trade, treaties, territorial disagreements, and even betrayal!

HUMANKIND’s diplomatic system aims to create interesting stories based on a player’s interactions with the map and other opponents. You will be able to develop a changing relationship with other empires and find reasons to love or hate them. Mad at the neighbor who bothered you? Send him a letter with strong words asking to stop immediately. Stabbed in the back by your longtime ally? You will be able to make him repent.

Tools such as treaties, trade, complaints and inquiries will be at your disposal to manipulate and strengthen these relationships.

So, will you give up all grudges to make friends and build a global business network? Or will you take every opportunity to seek compensation and go to war? How you approach diplomacy in HUMANKIND is up to you, but we can’t wait to see the drama unfold!

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