Infamous: Second Son and World War Z among the PS Now news for March

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Sony has announced the new games that will become part of the catalog of PlayStation Now starting tomorrow, Tuesday 2 March.

There are 4 new titles that will be added to the catalog of the streaming service available on PS5, PS4 and PC, and among them we also find a popular PlayStation exclusive dating back to 2014. inFamous: Second Sonby Sucker Punch, the spin-off of the inFamous saga inaugurated on PS3.

Here are all the new titles in the PlayStation Now catalog.

World War Z

Mankind is on the verge of extinction, but some brave survivors are organizing to defeat the zombies that threaten our way of life. Face off against immense hordes of zombies in story-driven campaigns set in the same world as the acclaimed film, fully playable in online co-op for up to four players. You can also choose to fight for survival against other players in a variety of game modes and intense player and zombie battles.

Ace Combat 7

Take command of some of the most formidable fighters in the world and soar through the clouds performing breathtaking aerial acrobatics and engaging enemies in tense tactical battles in the skies. Immerse yourself in an alternate reality where real-world, current and near-future armaments and vehicles merge. Choose your plane from a wide range of modern and futuristic models and arm it with devastating weapons, and then follow the course of events by participating in dangerous aerial clashes. Ace Combat 7 also includes exclusive PS VR-compatible missions, the aim of which is to create a dizzying new level of immersion.

inFamous: Second Son

From the creator of Ghost of Tsushima comes an action-packed, superpowered adventure set in modern-day America. Delsin Rowe’s superpowers are in your hands. Push your incredible abilities to the limit and discover how your choices can affect the city and the people around you – absorb the powers of other superhumans, soar the skies of Seattle and shape your own destiny.


With a mix of prudent strategy and unbridled slaughter, Superhot is a first person shooter where time only runs when you move. No regenerating health bars. No ammunition placed where it is needed. It’s just you, outnumbered and out of arms, grabbing the weapons of downed opponents to shoot, slice, and move through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets.

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