Insider claims that Call of Duty Vanguard will be a “Cold War 2.0” due to Warzone

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Although there has already been a lot of talk about Call of Duty 2021the new chapter of Activision’s shooter series that will be launched later this year, Activision has not yet released any official details.

Among the few certainties, we know that the new Call of Duty will be developed by Sledgehammer Games, former authors of Advanced Warfare and WWII, and that it will have an integration with the battle royale Warzone, perhaps immediately. A date for the presentation, however, has not yet been announced, but it is plausible that the company will want to once again take advantage of a Warzone in-game event to present the new game to the world, as already happened for Black Ops Cold War.

As for the game itself, if you follow us you know very well that some well-known insiders have already released a lot of information. The new chapter of the series, the title of which should be Call of Duty: Vanguard and will be set again in World War II (or in a historical period very close to it), it may have a Zombies mode made in collaboration with Treyarch, and will serve as a introduce an unpublished map set in the Pacific Ocean on the battle royale Warzoneof which some locations have already been leaked.

Beyond this, however, there is a question that haunts the players of the large COD community: what will the next Vanguard actually bring again?

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Black Ops Cold War has created a slight rift among fans of the series, especially after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in 2019, brought some important changes to the structure of the game and some mechanics. Treyarch, unlike Infinity Ward, opted for a very traditional production lineThis is also due to the limited time available. You will surely remember the leaks of about two years ago, confirmed by many parties, when Activision removed Sledgehammer from COD 2020 to pass it into the hands of the Santa Monica software house, leaving them just over a year to complete development – with the consequent rapid decline of Black Ops 4.

If you are among those who have not particularly appreciated the “return to the past” of Black Ops Cold War, also in terms of mechanics, know that you may also be disappointed by the next chapter of the series.

The well known Tom Hendersonone of the most reliable leaker in the world of Call of Duty and Battlefield, has published a video on his YouTube channel in which he spreads details (presumed, today, but we reiterate the reliability of the source) on the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Vanguard and the his union with Warzone, which will be partly responsible for the following.

In fact, the leaker claims that, precisely to avoid drastic changes to the popular battle royale, Sledgehammer Games has opted to follow the same line drawn by Treyarch, so much so that Vanguard is referred to as a kind of “Black Ops Cold War 2.0”. In short, a new game for the Call of Duty franchise that will not bring big news to multiplayer and basic mechanics, without introducing new weight.

Much of this policy would be caused by none other than Warzone, which is absorbing a staggering amount of energy into that of Activision. Henderson continues in his video claiming that, despite the company has hinted that Call of Duty: Vanguard will have a huge number of developers behind it, most of these were instead intended for battle royale onlywithout dealing directly with COD 2021.

This last sentence is not accidental, and indeed refers to what has emerged in recent weeks. After Toys for Bob was reassigned to Warzone and Vicarious Visions joined Blizzard’s dependencies for Diablo, every Activision studio is now working on Call of Duty.

Second HendersonHowever, this move by Activision will serve to focus even more updates for the battle royale Warzone. Some usersHowever, they begin to express concerns regarding the future of the main chapters of the franchise, whose support could be drastically diminished due to the company’s internal choices.

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