Insomniac reveals the first details on Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine

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It is useless to deny it: despite the closing of the PlayStation Showcase has been dedicated to the amazing gameplay of God of War: Ragnaroknew Sony Santa Monica game coming in 2022 (?), Insomniac Games stole the show with the two bombs dropped at the end of the event.

Marvel’s Wolverine And Marvel’s Spider-Man 2the official sequel to the 2018 game after the spin-off dedicated to Miles Morales, have captured the attention of insiders and the public, so much so that the trailer for the new game dedicated to Spider-Man was the most watched of the event – at the time of writing this news, it is about to hit 5 million views.

The two announcements once again testify to how much Insomniac Games is currently the most active software house among the various PlayStation Studioshaving already released two titles on PS5 (the aforementioned spin-off of Spider-Man and the recent Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart) and also revealing that it has two other important triple A’s in production for the Sony console.

Following the PlayStation Showcaseof which you can find all the announcements here, Insomniac Games has released some first details on the two new announcements, which will not arrive anytime soon: the Spider-Man sequel is set for 2023while there have been no precise indications for Wolverine.

First details on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

In remembering that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 it will be PS5 exclusive and it will be a single player gamealthough the trailer was clearly focused on the figures of Peter Parker and Miles Morales who now work together and will have to face Venom (to give the voice to the character will be Tony Toddactor of Candyman), the developers have stated that they want to tell a great story of superheroes but also made of humanity, sentiment and humor, and that will also address the people behind the mask.

Much of the development team that created Marvel’s Spider-Man has been confirmed for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including Bryan Intihar, the project’s creative director again, and Ryan Smith as the game’s director.

Regarding the new abilities of the two characters, Insomniac stated that what is seen in the game’s announcement trailer is just a taste of what the two Spider-Man will be able to do, and that in the future there will be a lot of new information on costumes, equipment and criminals. that superheroes will have to fight.

First details on Marvel’s Wolverine

Without taking anything away from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the most surprising announcement, however, was that relating to Marvel’s Wolverine, given the total absence of noise in this sense. Insomniac Games wanted to explain how the idea for the project dedicated to the most famous mutant of the House of Ideas was born.

The first drafts even came during the making of the first Spider-Man game, when Insomniac Games was thinking about future projects to tackle. Wolverine’s character was invoked several times during brainstorming, and so, after a couple of years of thoughts and ideas, the team leaders met Sony and Marvel to propose, in fact, Marvel’s Wolverine for PS5, meeting the favors of the two companies.

Marvel’s Wolverine is directed by Brian Horton (Creative Director) and Cameron Christian (Game Director), who recently led Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Insomniac Games has declared that it wants to respect the character’s DNA, without however refraining from renewing it and giving it new nuances, just as it has already happened for Spider-Man.

Then comes a news that the fans, already anxiously awaiting, did not hope: Marvel’s Wolverine is still in the early stages of developmentand therefore the moment of its debut on the market may not arrive before 2023 or even 2024.

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