Is Call of Duty: Zombies Coming in 2023 or 2024? A well-known insider clarifies

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Some time ago we told you that a job announcement by Treyarch suggested that up call of duty 2024the next video game from the Black Ops software house, will return to one of the most popular Zombies modes of recent years.

In recent hours, however, a new indiscretion has appeared, coming from the famous youtuber Glitching Queen. The girl claimed to have had contact with a QA playtester currently engaged in testing a zombie mode which, according to what she reported to her, would be arriving in the 2023 chapter of Call of Duty.

Considering the mass of users following the young woman, the news quickly blew up the web, to the point of bringing in another famous insider, namely Tom Henderson.

However, the head of Insider Gaming has decided to cool things down, confirming that the return of zombies will only take place in 2024, when Treyarch will make a comeback on the franchise.

Here are his words:

After checking with trusted and verified sources, Insider Gaming believes that the round-based zombie mode will almost certainly be introduced in 2024 and not in Call of Duty 2023. The current plan is to introduce zombies as a different experience than shown so far in the series. As for the playtesters, they are evaluating material intended for both the 2023 and 2024 chapters.

Henderson concludes that the plans for Zombies have always been chaotic and changeable in recent years, but still remains convinced that the round mode will not arrive before 2024.

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