Is Dead Space Coming Back? EA may announce a new game in July

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According to an important expert in the sector, EA has finally decided to bring the series back to the scene Dead Spacewith Motive Studio developing the new game in the series.

Gematsu, GameSpot and other portals have picked up a rumor spread initially by Jeff Grubb, of GamesBeatwho in the course of his podcast has released some small details about the new work of EA Motive, apparently committed to the return of a popular IP for some time dormant.

After digging deeply, there are many specialist warheads they have identified in Dead Space the series ready to return, and may the honor go to the developers of the recent Star Wars: Squadrons.

The horror TPS series, developed by Visceral Games, is far from our screens since 2013, when the disappointing Dead Space 3 came out – critics and audiences did not appreciate the latest game of the trilogy, and even the sales were not on the same level as the triumphant Dead Space 2. Since then, the series has been dropped, and things have certainly not gone better at Visceral Games. The studio, put to work by EA on a Star Wars single player game, was closed in 2017, and its project was abandoned without much explanation.

From recent reports, therefore, it seems that EA has finally decided to give a new chance to Dead Space, even if, again according to rumors, the new game will not be Dead Space 4.

In fact, the various sources consulted by the portals state that EA Motive initially worked on an unreleased chapter of the series, with the code name “Gaia” but which was then canceled after six years of development. In its place, in addition to Star Wars: Squadrons, Electronic Arts would have asked a reimagined version of the first Dead Space, probably following in the footsteps of games like Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy. Another possible option is that EA Motive will follow what Capcom did with DmC: Devil May Cry, proposing a completely alternative story to the known one.

To find out more, we will probably have to wait for the EA Play Live 2021 event, which will be held on July 22nd and which you can also follow on our pages.

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