Is Destruction AllStars a flop? The developers introduce bots due to the few players

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Lucid Games doesn’t say this outright, but the suspicion is that Destruction AllStars turned out to be a hole in the water for the software house and for Sony, which has decided to focus on the game by winning the exclusive.

Destruction AllStars, released in February exclusively on PS5, doesn’t seem to have a large community of online players. So to help improve matchmaking, the developers announced an update to add bots online.

The news of the addition of bots to the game was revealed in a post on Reddit by the developers themselves, obviously sparking discussions. In the post, the developers of Lucid Games outlined their future plans for the game, and among them is the willingness, if not the need, to add player bots to improve matchmaking.

“With a community the size of Destruction AllStarsexplained Lucid Games “Dispersed around the world, we have peak times and low player uptime for online matchmaking.”

Second Lucid Games , robots are added to help improve matchmaking during times of crisis. The cause of this lack of active users could certainly also be caused by the “few” PS5s in circulation and limited supplies, even if the Destruction AllStars problems seem to be other.

Launched not only on PS Plus (and available for two months) but also for a fee for the modest sum of € 80, the impression is that Destruction AllStarsspiritual successor to Twisted Metal, did not quite work out as hoped, and that the addition of bots is mainly caused by the very poor appeal that the game registers today. For an exclusively (or almost) online title, having to resort to such a strategy less than 4 months after launch is a big problem.

However, the developers have specified that they will continue to support the game, and that new modes will also arrive soon.

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