Is Epic Games preparing an open world RPG spin-off of Fortnite?

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Fortnite becomes an open world RPG? The new rumor is going crazy on the net.

Epic Games’ battle royale is at the center of an interesting leak indicating that the developers are working on something completely different for the franchise, but always set in the Fortnite universe.

To date, Fortnite is represented by the Save The World mode, tower defense which was the first true representation of the game, and obviously by the battle royale mode, which has consecrated Epic’s game as a worldwide phenomenon of enormous scope.

According to some insiders, the software house, still struggling with Apple today and which long ago became an economic interest on the part of Google for a potential acquisition, is preparing a new experience for the world of Fortnite.

Already on the occasion of the lawsuit against Apple, we had discovered that Epic Games had also experimented with an open world sandbox mode concept for Fortnite, different from the traditional battle royale we know.

In the last few hours, then, a curious image has ended up on the net that can be found inside the game files and which seems to relate to a new mode distinctly RPG for Fortnite, which implies that this open world-style mode may come sooner or later.

According to the dataminer, what you have just seen above is a taste of a mode that will soon be available on Fortnite, but perhaps for a limited time.

What do you think? Would you like a different drift for Fortnite, which would embrace a completely different genre from the battle royale?

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