Is Nintendo Switch Online ready to welcome Game Boy games?

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September could be a very interesting month for subscribers to Nintendo Switch Onlinewith the library of the service that could expand by welcoming the titles of the unforgettable portable console Game Boy.

In fact, next month will mark the third year of the Switch Online service and it seems that there is once again talk of Nintendo that could strengthen its paid service with additional retro content.

In the last podcast “Nate the Hate”the well-known insider NateDrake claims that Nintendo will soon add to Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy and Game Boy Color titlesand this already in the coming weeks.

Everything comes from a datamine dating back to 2019, which revealed four emulators within Nintendo’s NES app. Although the purpose of the remaining emulators has not yet been revealed, both Nate and his co-host MVG they believe that the third software, called Hiyoko, is likely the one intended for playing Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles.

Nintendo Life he then confirmed through his own sources that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles are likely to arrive on the Switch Online service “very early”fueling the rumors.

Although the news is not yet confirmed, historical Nintendo fans have already started making their own “wish list” for Game Boy games, pulling out some unforgettable gems like Super Mario Land, Metroid II, Donkey Kong Land, Kirby’s Dream Land, Double Dragon and, of course, the titles of the series Pokémon.

In this sense, however, the insider did not want to unbutton himself, declaring that he did not know exactly which titles will be added to the service.

Among all, Nintendo could still decide to focus on the aforementioned Metroid II, in view of the return in October of Samus with the unpublished Metroid Dread on Switch.

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