Is Nintendo Switch Pro Confirmed? Dataminer discover new info including 4K support

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We’ve been talking about for at least a couple of years an alleged new version of the more performing Switchrenamed Switch Pro in reference to the mid-gen of PlayStation 4.

Will it be true or not? Nintendo has for the moment always denied that it is working on hardware of this type, but the insiders have long agreed that this model on steroids of the Switch really exists, and that it will even be launched in the course of 2021 – it would be time. better, given that as Bowser said a few days ago, Switch is in the middle of its life cycle.

The dataminers have been finding some references on the so-called Switch Pro for some time, and here in the last few hours a new series of information has arrived on the next revision of the Switch – information obviously not officially confirmed, but that comes from reliable sources

The report comes from dataminer SciresM up Reset It was, and contains detailed information regarding the resolution, the battery life of the new console and the new dock-station of the alleged console whose code name would be Aula.

SceriesM states that the potential resolution of the Switch Pro will be 4K according to the warnings he found in the Switch firmware, but adding that “Is not yet confirmed and it could be wrong”. As for the console display, the insider claims that “The tablet certainly has an updated display” then explicitly cite the OLED technology. The OLED screen would certainly not be new for handheld consoles, given that Sony already used it in the days of PlayStation Vita.

But be careful not to confuse the information with the resolution: even if the new console will use an OLED screen, the resolution in portable mode will not change, with the 4K support coming from a 4K Realtek chip that is inside a new dock. -station linked to hardware.

The reported datamine then suggests that the new console will have an improved battery for autonomy and a more adequate cooling system. SceriesM He also speculates that games on the Switch Pro will have some improvements due to the new hardware, a bit like Nintendo’s DSi titles or PS4 Pro games, which enjoy greater console performance than the base PS4.

We remind you that the news is not officially confirmed, but the insider has been reliable several times in the past. Is Nintendo preparing its “answer” to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S?

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