Is Titanfall Dead Now? Only one or two people are still working on it

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Titanfall 3 is always strongly requested by the community after the excellent tests of the two games in the Respawn Entertainment series. The franchise, however, despite the expectations of the community and obviously leaving out Apex Legends which continues to be supported, it seems to have come to a standstill.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Titanfall due to a movement triggered by its own community, due to the problematic situation in which the game servers find themselves. Apex Legends has solved its critical issues, but for Titanfall multiplayer has become a sore point; the game’s excessive vulnerability is causing a lot of headaches, but this doesn’t seem to matter to Respawn that much.

Speaking in an interview about the franchise’s plight, community coordinator Jason Garza tried to reassure Titanfall fans by stating that Respawn is still working to fix things, and reiterating that the community hasn’t been abandoned.

The problem, if anything, concerns the Respawn staff who work at Titanfall todaywhich Garza claims is no larger than one or two people. Almost all of the staff is in fact committed to Apex Legends, and the software house obviously does not intend to spend extra energy in a series now left to its fate.

All I can say is we’re working on it, which is why I stopped talking about stuff like that. The Titanfall community hasn’t been forgotten or abandoned or anything like that. We’re still working on it, we just can’t wire our moves, and we only have one or two people because the rest, everyone else is on Apex Legends, so don’t feel guilty. It’s something we work on just that these things take time, you can’t just push a button and it all works out magically.

The news is surprising up to a certain point, given that in the past we have discovered that Titanfall 3 was really in development and that it was EA that closed the project in favor of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, evidently considered to be of greater appeal.

The same Electronic Arts has never shone for the management of the franchise. After a first chapter made for Xbox and PC, Titanfall 2 was released in 2016 on all platforms but it was a heavy failure, this due to the absurd launch window of the game. Respawn’s ex Drew McCoy also talked about it, according to which it was EA’s choice to bury the splendid FPS.

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