Is Warzone now elitist? On Reddit, casual gamers are unhappy with Season 4

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Strange but true, Call of Duty: Warzone has again ended up at the center of numerous controversies in the last few hours, with the players on Reddit who made them feel all their disappointment at how things went over the course of the Season 4 which will end very soon.

It is useless to reiterate that the more successful a game is, the more people and players will exist who will turn against it. Warzone, for its part, has had an extraordinary success, with hundreds of millions of users who have thrown themselves on Activision’s battle royale, and in the year and a half that separates us from its debut we have seen the birth of many pro players who are now very expert in the game. .

Unluckily, the controversies are now on the agenda. And if you think that it is the pro players themselves who often complain about how Raven and Activision are managing the battle royale, you will understand that the so-called casual players, that is, those who do not constantly play Warzone, represent a much louder slice of the public.

In the last few hours, as we said, it was the occasional users who made their voices heard through the most famous forum in the world, complaining of the obvious and major problems that Raven was unable to fix over the course of Season 4: cheater, rapid movement system problems, unbalanced weapons, too low TTK and perk are again at the center of controversy.

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In a post that quickly became a trend of Reddita user explained that “Verdansk BR is almost randomly inaccessible”. It doesn’t matter how the users play, because they come “Blown away from all angles and distances and constantly seem to be at a disadvantage.”

Don’t be fooled by the user’s words, as they reflect what the majority of Warzone’s audience is – casual players, we repeat, whose rate fluctuates between 0.7 and 0.9, stats in hand. However, the situation is exaggerated for these users, according to whom the main Battle Royale mode has “A level of difficulty to the stars” and who now spend more time on Malloppo and Rebirth Island as they are more accessible and fun.

The user in question also described how the cheater situation is affecting all aspects of gameplay. When they are teleported to the other side of the map or a full team rushes into their building, and many players, in response to the thread, reiterate that it is always difficult to tell if an opposing team is cheating or not. “You can’t really tell if you’re dealing with hackers or just brilliant players”they explained. “Our suspicions are always there.”

Many users in the comments then mention Black Ops Cold War assault rifles as the root of the problem, and indeed we must remember that in December 2020, when the Treyarch game content was added to Warzone, we immediately saw a dangerous wave of controversy due to the exaggerated weapon imbalance. The problems continue today, and the user Joecalone claimed that “Zero recoil assault rifles have plagued the game for weeks now” is that “Any player can teleport you from great distances regardless of how good they are at controlling recoil”.

Of course, there are also those who try to placate tempers, so to speak, and who advise all those who complain of try to improve on Warzone instead of complaining. Other users, however, point out that if the battle royale at the beginning was born as a way to have fun, not everyone has the opportunity to devote time and effort on the game, thus risking being ousted from a game that, between cheater and players competitive, it is becoming dangerously elitist.

What do you think?

Verdansk BR is nearly inaccessible on a casual level right now from CODWarzone

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